All characters are the intellectual property of Disney.

We do not own these characters, nor do we make any money from this game.

It is an homage to our favorite show, and was created for fans, by fans!

Our story truly beings in a land where fairytales were true, there lived a queen and her stepdaughter. While the princess was beloved of her people, the stepmother had long since fallen to bitterness, and indulging in her darker self, transformed into a tyrannical evil queen. When the king died, the princess blamed the queen who in turn banished the princess. With the help of the people who loved their princess so and the prince of a neighboring kingdom, the princess vanquished the evil queen.


Or so she thought.


The queen had heard of a curse, a dark and evil thing that would rip everyone in the realm into a land without magic where they would be frozen in time, perpetually without the memories of their former life. In desperation for the family she'd lost and the kingdom she'd had torn from her, the evil queen cast the terrible curse.


In a small town in Maine, USA, the fairytale characters woke up with no recollection of their former selves, living half-lives and unable to grow or change until the savior would come to break the curse and save them, restoring the potentials for happy endings.

Once Upon A Time ...