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It is an homage to our favorite show, and was created for fans, by fans!


Our current most needed characters or those with very clear connections who are easy to bring into the story. The following are not in any particular order of necessity. All of them, however, have ready plot. If you're looking to bring in someone, please consider the characters below! Please note, any of the below who have ++ next to their name are not subject to the memory curse. All others are subject to the curse and will need two identities, their original Enchanted Forest self and a Storybrooke self.

Albert Spencer - King George - district attorney

    In the Enchanted Forest, King George is an adoptive father (of sorts) to David and now father-in-law to Snow White. His kingdom has been unstable and on the brink of bankruptcy (thanks to Rumple's meddling). In town, he is an unforgiving district attorney.

Daniel Colter - stableboy

    Daniel is Regina's first love. He had planned to run away with her but was waylaid by Rumpelstiltskin before they were to meet up. Rumpelstiltskin warned him to stay away from Regina or he'd kill Daniel. In return for helping Rumple then, he promises Daniel will meet Regina again. Was spirited away before the curse to ensure Regina didn't find him before casting the curse.


Arthur Nolan (age 17-20 years old)

    The youngest child and only son of Snow White and Prince Charming (Mary Margaret and David Nolan). Unlike the other children in Storybrooke subject to the curse, Arthur was broken from it by Merlin himself. He has aged, though no one, not even him, seems to remember this. Including Regina. His sisters are Emma Swan and Odette Rousseau (nee Nolan).


Granny (Widow Lucas) - owner of Granny's B&B and Granny's Diner

    Owner of Granny's Diner and Granny's Bed and Breakfast, she runs the heart of Storybrooke. Everyone knows her and she knows everyone. She might also know almost everything that goes on in Storybrooke. She's feisty and as sharp with her tongue as she is with her crossbow (or at least, as sharp as she will be once she remembers).


Henry Mills ++

    Henry is 10. He is an imaginative child with a bright shiny storybook with a bunch of fairytales in them that he's assigning to various people in Storybrooke. He's determined and resourceful. He is raised by Regina Mills, but his parents are Emma Swan and Neal Cassidy. While he is generally well-behaved, he is stubborn and has dived headfirst into the reality that the storybook offers him. Henry is connected to nearly everyone in Storybrooke.  ***** IF INTERESTED CONTACT AN ADMIN *****


Fairies - in particular Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily

    Not all fairies must automatically be under Mother Superior in the convent. However, many are. All fairies do not have romantic entanglement histories.


Dwarfs - All seven

    All of the Dwarfs have new stories in this, but we would absolutely love to see them in play. In particular, Leroy/Grumpy is sorely needed.


Ursula - ++

    The sea witch / sea goddess. Ursula has been in the Land Without Magic for nearly 30 years. She came over after a failed attempt at retrieving Maleficent's egg, so she never had the chance to betray Maleficent in that way. She also has a strong connection to Hook (a long time ago, he owed a debt to her father and took her singing voice from her). Ursula is part of the "Queens of Darkness" which included Maleficent and Cruella as well.


Michael Darling PLEASE SEE MODS ++

    Brother to Wendy Darling. Michael was taken by Pan and has been used as collateral. Aged somewhere between 13 and 16.


John Darling ++

    Brother to Wendy Darling. John is older and is also an adult, having been released by Pan to do his bidding. Aged 20-30.


Zorro - Dragon, PLEASE SEE MODS

    Zorro is the father of Lilith. His history will need to be discussed with mods and Elle Alchemi (Maleficent).



    Daughter of the infamous "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court". Aged somewhere between 11 and 15.