Please Consider These

STOP! Before you make an OC please consider taking one of the much needed following. These characters have a strong possible position in future arcs and we would love to have them utilized and introduced into game before we get to said arcs!


  • The infamous sea witch celebrated as a goddess among the maritime kingdoms. Has business with the likes of Cruella and Maleficent. The antagonist against Atlantica, the kingdom ruled by Triton. Please consider if you are thinking of creating an evil merperson. 

King George aka Spencer Nolan

  • A king in Misthaven, George is adoptive father of David aka Charming and his late twin, James. Whom George originally adopted in a deal with the Dark One. George is considered an antagonist against the Charmings, having fought at Regina's side during the war with Snow over the claim of Snow's rightful throne.

King Stefan

  • Yet another king in the realm known as the Enchanted Forest, Stefan has ties to Aurora, her husband and the Dragon Queen, Maleficent. During the last curse he found himself usurped by his own daughter as the curse maddened him into the point that their people no longer felt he was a fit ruler. Still dealing with the aftermath of that. Has longstanding drama with Maleficent.

Connections Guaranteed 

These are characters with current in game connections. They are family, friends, lovers and enemies. Please contact admins in world via notecard before applying to see if there are any variations from show canon happening. 

General Population

STOP! Before you think of taking up one of these look to see who we need in the 'Please Consider' and 'Connections Guaranteed' sections. Please remember to talk to the staff prior to making any original character


  • Crew of the Jolly Roger are priority, as they are much needed by our Killian Jones. However, any pirate be of lore or of original creation will be considered. Please note most will have continual beef with the merfolk of the Enchanted Forest, especially those of the underwater kingdom of Atlantica.


  • The priority focus of this one is Ursula (see Please Consider), Triton, Ariel's sisters (Andrina, Arista, Adella and Allana). Though mermaids from Neverland that found their way to the Enchanted Forest would be welcomed as well. The older the merperson the more stable their realm crossing sea portals. Not all have trinkets that grant them legs. 

Enchanted Forest Residents

  • Anyone still living or were cursed to the Enchanted Forest thanks to Rumple's recent curse. We have two towns that need people living and working in them.  As well as a few royal courts that need courtiers and staff. Original characters and minor fairytale or folk lore characters would be great for this! 

Wonderlandian Residents

  • Anyone living currently in Wonderland. A list of the Suits will be coming to the site shortly. This opens the door for anthropomorphic animals [example : The White Rabbit] using the Dinkies avatars. Please check with admins before making these. 



  • Self explanatory, we would love more fairies. We are  open to OUATifying the fairies from Pixie Hollow, within reason, to fit OUAT's take on them.

Characters We Are Not Looking For

These are characters that either a. we currently have no need nor place for or b. never intend on bringing into play. If the character falls under a  we might consider it if the idea you present to us. Only if it meshes well with the vision we have for our game. We uphold the right to say no. There are no reservations, dibs, or holds for these characters. 

Certain Deceased Characters as they simply have no place in our story anymore. These would be people like Peter Pan (Malcolm) and Cora. 

Characters from certain other retellings. We are not a Fables, Grimm, Ever After High or Descendants rp. Please do not come here wanting to play Mal, the daughter of Maleficent or Raven Queen. Thank you.


All characters are the intellectual property of Disney.

We do not own these characters, nor do we make any money from this game.

It is an homage to our favorite show, and was created for fans, by fans!