Our story diverges from the television show's in the third season, episode 11 "New York City Serenade". 

Story Arc One : June 2017                                                                                                   

When our story begins, Emma and Henry are in New York City and everyone else is in the Enchanted Forest after Pan's curse. After arriving in the Enchanted Forest, a heartbroken Hook goes back to a life of piracy as the rest of the former inhabitants of Storybrooke return to their pre-curse lives and work to rebuild, assuming they'll be there for the long haul since Pan's curse destroyed Storybrooke. Once back in the Enchanted Forest, Baelfire and Belle hatch a plan to resurrect Rumpelstiltskin, who sacrificed himself to kill Pan, and they set off on this mission. When Hook gets word that they are working to resurrect the Crocodile, he knows what he has to do and sets about finding a magic bean so that he can go to New York and retrieve Emma and Henry, believing that they are the only ones who can convince Baelfire and Belle not to bring him back. Hook finally finds that there are two beans with King Triton of the Mer, who wants a deal with him. In order to get the bean, Hook must take the bracelet that allows Ariel to walk on land from her, and consign her permanently to the sea. He does such, making an enemy of Ariel in the process. Once he has the beans, Hook meets with the Charmings and earns their blessing to retrieve their daughter and grandson, then sets out for New York, leaving the Jolly Roger in the Enchanted Forest. 


Upon landing in New York, he tracks Emma and Henry down quickly and everything happens as it had in canon, with Hook attempting to kiss Emma at their door and following her around, trying to convince her of his sincerity. However, this time he has no memory potion and simply sets about, convinced that he can make her remember. He convinces her to meet him in a private corner of Central Park, which she does. However, Henry being the smart lad he is, knows something is going on with his mother and follows her to the park, where he sees her meeting with who he assumes is a criminal. Though he knows that Emma can take care of herself, he sees the man reach into his pocket and becomes scared that the man has a weapon, so he rushes him. In reality, Hook was reaching for the magic bean to show Emma in hopes that it would jog something. Henry knocks the bean from Hook's hand and it falls to the ground, a portal opening up where it lands. Feeling frustrated and trapped now that the only bean he has left has opened a portal. In an act of desperation, he grabs Henry, wrapping his arms tightly around the boy and jumping into the portal, knowing that Emma would follow. Emma does, and falls with them, the three landing on the deck of the Jolly Roger. Taking them as quickly as he can to the Charmings' castle, where he knows they are waiting with a memory potion. Having her memories restored, Emma goes about life in the Enchanted Forest, seeking out Hook and attempting to learn what she can about life there, seeking out Baelfire and thinking that Storybrooke no longer exists. All the while, she quietly plans to take Henry and go back to the Land Without Magic and their life in New York.

Story Arc Two : September 2017                                                                                      

After 6 weeks of life in the Enchanted Forest, Emma, Henry and most everyone else who was in the Enchanted Forest awoke one morning to find themselves inexplicably back in Storybrooke, waking to find everything as it was with absolutely not explanation for why. However, they all notice that there are some subtle differences, things out of place and somewhat unusual magical anomalies. They also find that the town line is no longer crossable, and it is almost as if they are in a bubble. Travel in all directions from Storybrooke is prohibited by an unseen force which returns them to their starting point each time they try to leave.

The residents quickly go about resuming daily life, and attempting to discover why and how they are back. They begin to realise another anomaly, that some dead people are returning to life, including Sheriff Graham and Milah, Hook's old flame and Rumpelstiltskin's ex wife. These returns only serve to add more mystery to this new place. A new player is also in town, someone that no one recognizes. Finally, the new person in town was revealed to be a genie bent on revenge on Rumpelstiltskin. Upon finding that he had died killing Peter Pan (End of the Pan arc in canon) she began to pull people from other realms, people that were formerly dead in ours, in hopes of drawing him out so that she could get her revenge. Meanwhile, the newly restored to life Milah has been reeking havoc all through the town in her attempts to win Hook back from his fledgling relationship with Emma. Milah, in a last ditch effort to win Killian back, uses the lamp to wish for the Dark One's dagger, having learned of her own death and Killian's 200 year quest for revenge. She offers him the dagger, which he takes to entire that Milah doesn't control that kind of power, and Emma, Graham and Hook manage to take control of the lamp as well.

Once the lamp is in reasonable hands, it's revealed that Storybrooke as it exists to them, is nothing more than a 'wish realm' created by the genie as an elaborate plot to seek her revenge. Upon finding this out, Graham, who still has her lamp, wishes her free. In exchange for being relieved of a lifetime of servitude, she agreed to set the current Storybrooke into the Land Without Magic so that it existed once again. She did, however this created some very serious magical oddities, including people regaining items that were lost, certain things coming over from the Enchanted Forest that were not originally in Storybrooke, and various other oddities that pop up now and then, however Storybrooke as everyone knew it is back, and this time without a curse, the borders which prevent people from leaving are down.


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