We are small but proud, comprised of Snow White and Prince Charming (known as Mary Margaret Prichard and David Nolan in Storybrooke) Their daughter Emma Swan, her son, Henry and Regina, formerly known as the Evil Queen. In the Enchanted Forest, Snow White and Prince Charming have ascended the throne of their land, and are now the King and Queen. They are benevolent and kind rulers who love all of their people, and always strive to do their best. 

The pirate faction is currently run by our own Captain Hook, Killian Jones. The pirates dwell at the docks usually, sometimes venturing out into the forest as pirating jobs take them. The pub at the docks is a favorite for them, and if you're looking to hire a pirate that's your place!

Currently seeking more pirates! Especially crew members of the Jolly Roger!

The fairies taking up residence for the most part in the local convent in Storybrooke. Guided by Madam Superior also known as The Blue Fairy.  Most become godmothers to those with pure hearts or good intentions that need guidance. However, there are a few that rebel against the norm that Blue has laid out, and has carved their own paths. 

Those who are of the sea or loyal to them. This includes all merfolk whether or not they are from the same realm. Most merfolk are from the Kingdom of Atlantica, ruled by King Triton, while others have been known to hail from Neverland. Merfolk can naturally create portals to other realms if they know where they are going. 

Governed over by the new Queen of Hearts, Carina. These are those who grew up or lived in Wonderland. They have strong ties to Wonderland and while they are in Storybrooke, they are all a bit touched because of their time there.


Wonderland is currently cut off from Storybrooke and other realms, though it might accessed via Hatter's hat in the Enchanted Forest. That is if you can find him, and he's willing to make the trip. And he's never willing.

There are those who live in the Enchanted lands who have no land of their own. They live outside the law and are more loyal to their own than any throne.


These people have little to bind them together but a desire to live free. The politics of the kingdoms mean little to them and the boundaries of the realms even less. Sometimes members work together, sometimes they work against each other. 


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It is an homage to our favorite show, and was created for fans, by fans!